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Texas land for moible homes for sale in texas

Whether you’re interested in rural acreage or suburban and community lots, our sales professionals and local realtors will help you find a great piece of land for your new home. Titan Factory direct also has relationships with manufactured housing communities throughout Texas. If you’re looking for a space in a family oriented or senior housing community, we’ll help identify some possibilities that meet your needs and your lifestyle. Explore your land options with 100’s of listings today. Visit www.getsomeland.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, travel. Because the Earth's surface is curved, you'll notice that different constellations of stars are revealed.

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The most immediate effect (other than the lack of moonlight, of course) would be on the Earth's tides. With only the Sun's gravitational influence, the difference between high and low tides would be reduced dramatically - as would tidal drag, which slows the Earth down at a rate adding about 0.002 seconds to the length of a day each century. Long term, the effects would be far more serious. The climate of the Earth is sensitively dependent on the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth's axis, and without the stabilising presence of our relatively huge Moon, the gravity of the other planets would produce big changes in this angle - as it does with Mars, whose tilt changes by 60 degrees over a few million years.

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